Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wrapped in senses

With a swirl of sand you emerge
your golden hands embrace the earth.
So huge, they wrap me in their earthy charms.

Your eyes devour the world
I sink in my portrait,so enticing.
Your moans accompany the impressions
of my touch. You soak in those marks.

I split you as I slide on your slithery body
Beautiful halves. As the sand engulfs me
we pray. Allah he screams. I freeze.
The red blood comes gushing into my head.

I am buried in sand now
Sand doesn't come off my skin. I scrub and scrub
Your eyes, your hands, my portrait, my love
my love, my portrait, your eyes, your hands
Leave me! Leave me!

The sand and sky have merged
Saraswati appears. I run into her lotus arms
In her loving embrace I close my eyes
I feel sand again on my skin
It doesn't itch anymore.

I am free to breathe and as I open my eyes
I see Allah in my skin
Your eyes, your hands, my portrait,
My love, My God, your hands, my eyes.

We are sucked into the brightness of the rays.

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