Thursday, February 19, 2009

I traveled through terrains of unhappiness
forever and ever.
It has been almost ten years now.
He came, he went
My love unrequited, parched in me.
Every time I saw another
I said, "This may be it!"
And it wasn't.

I was scared to smile
because smile meant happiness
That you make me happy
As soon as I said that
they ran away, those cowards!
Have you ever loved a woman?

Then he just landed on a day least expected.
Was it easter? i don't remember
It was a day when sun was the brightest
Stars shone at day
Moon and sun merged to give out a blue-yellow light
He came, he lay, he smiled, he touched my heart.
But i am scared now
I know he is not one of those wolves
But i am scared to be happy.
Which part of Heaven did he come from God?

Just like we met, let us keep meeting, keep loving
with no end;
every end leading to new love between us
just like in your world; Happily ever after.

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