Monday, August 04, 2008

A brown wind blew by
brushed my hair a little.
Yellow and red flowers showered from Heaven
like in Marquez's world. I couldn't believe it.
Marquez was right.
I now can walk on water, though I am no demi-God.
I can fly with the wind, time stops when I ask it to.
Flowers shower on me at will. I like the world.
Does all this actually happen? I am dreaming, I think.
Then you snap your fingers, I see those images all over again
I see them, I see flowers, I see you descend from Heaven, I fly,
I like the world.
My eyes were closed, you opened them, you opened them to Marquez
I see you, I see flowers, I fly with you.
We fly together into the world of Marquez.
Marquez was right.
I wouldn't have known him, if I hadn't met you.

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Saroja said...

Just beautiful.