Sunday, August 31, 2008

Golden leaves descend as I walk on the streets of LA
I saw them green on the last street
Miranda brushed past me with a six-month old in her arms
A red smile ran across my lips. Miranda stopped to chat
"It was just yesterday,wasn't it, we were siting here on the aisle?"
The cry broke our moment, Miranda had to go, she turned to look at me waiting.
Swami lived here, right here, held me when I was drunk.
Iyer's gone, I don't know this place anymore.
Soon Andy swings by,"what are you shooting today?"
"In Bombay", I say. The mudras in my hands suggest the eye-piece.
There is no power anymore, somehow the government changed its rules.
It was just yesterday that we edited all day,the computers rest now.
Image has frozen on the screen,white noise gathers
students flock around me, "M'am the image suggests.." I can't hear.
What do they say? It was just yesterday that I used to hear.
Christina touches my face, "Your skin is dry", says she.
I had a different skin just yesterday. "Do we know each other?"I ask
"We did, yesterday", says she.

Monday, August 04, 2008

A brown wind blew by
brushed my hair a little.
Yellow and red flowers showered from Heaven
like in Marquez's world. I couldn't believe it.
Marquez was right.
I now can walk on water, though I am no demi-God.
I can fly with the wind, time stops when I ask it to.
Flowers shower on me at will. I like the world.
Does all this actually happen? I am dreaming, I think.
Then you snap your fingers, I see those images all over again
I see them, I see flowers, I see you descend from Heaven, I fly,
I like the world.
My eyes were closed, you opened them, you opened them to Marquez
I see you, I see flowers, I fly with you.
We fly together into the world of Marquez.
Marquez was right.
I wouldn't have known him, if I hadn't met you.