Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This page has sometimes become a place to vent, may be that's what all writing is.
My struggle with teachers continues, do we all struggle with them? There is always a need to see perfection in them. I don't think teachers are petty, not because they are not human, but because after having undergone all that education I expect their knowledge to have helped them transcend that stage that human beings go through.I encounter such kinds all the time. I wonder how they do not understand how much students depend on them for their approval. Or may be it is just me because I haven't had any such source ever in my life. I think my childhood was just taken away from me having had to meet struggle right from then. May be I should thank God that I was introduced to that when I was little. It just never stops though or may be I am so used to it that when it is not there I find means to struggle. I think students expect teachers to not judge, but not every teacher wants to be an ideal or works towards an ideal. I don't know why people undergo all that education if they can't work towards an ideal, why do anything if you don't aspire to be perfect?
My rant about teachers... I love them and hate them all the same. I must admit that I am because of all the great teachers I have met, so it isn't so sad after all. :-)

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