Sunday, March 09, 2008

Can I dance with you?

Dheem zip thom zap
zip zap dheem, thom zap dheem
now they merge, my rhythms with yours.

I don't understand zip
I never tried to understand zap
Dheem and thom live in me.

You brought zip to me, I danced.
I want to know zap, to dance more
I see them merge: the zip, the zap, dheem and thom
In your heart, in mine.

You dance Zip-zap. I dance dheem-thom.
zip dheem zap thom.
They merge, I see them merge, like tears with eyes.
Tears dance consistently with intermittent regularity
waiting to be zipped by you.

1 comment:

Saroja said...

I love this one!

Whatever you write is so spontaneous, Megha. I adore that. :)