Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Why I haven't I written till now, I don't know. You have inspired me to write when I am happy. I have always written when I am sad. I don't know what it feels like, it seems complete. Can I continue running with you? Will you hug me like that always? Will you love me always? Touch my hair, I like it when you touch it. It flows in your hand. Oh that skin, smooth, watery... i want to giggle, hahhahhhaaaa, girly giggles. Let my toungue touch yours, hmmmm, I know that. I have always known that. Hmmmmmm. I hear your heart beat into mine, tak tak tak tak, that is music. Feel this, feel the warmth, hahhhaaaa, oh come on, stop that, you bite really hard. The teeth enter my skin and feel like they were meant to pierce me. I love it when u say that my look stops you, I didn't know I was capable of that. aaahhh, My lips touched yours, smooth, smooth. I have been there before, but never like this. Mmmmch! mmmmcchh! I want to give this a name, but then I wonder why name matters so much, it just can't be given a name. Or may be it can, is it love, friendship, liking, adoration, attraction, compatibility, attachment, vulnerability, fondness? I guess all of this and something more. I know whe you say that you are scared of love, I too am, that is a dicy term. Has put me in a fix a lot times. I don't know love, I know God and God can see this, feel this with me. This is just beautiful, thank god, for beauty exists, it exists in me, in you, in all of us, you gave vent to it. What is it about your eyes, your smile that make me falter? what do you express in that look that i understand? What is in those words that I know? I know nothing and everything all at once, this knowledge is enlightening. For once I don't want to think about 'why nobody loves me in a particular way?' I don't know if it is in the way you do, but it feels great. I miss you, but I feel you in your absent presence. Your smell lingers on my body, nice smell, known smell. I didn't know I could smell like that. muah! I love myself. hahhhahhaa, catch me! Yes i am running, hmmm, I know you will catch me soon, somewhere, somehow. This is how God feels, aaaahhhhh!