Friday, August 11, 2006

This binds me, this cage of life
growing, adulthood, marriage, death,
the whole cycle.

Forever I am running into adulthood,
running after love, after money, after death.
When death comes I run after life.

What is this process of becoming?
You live, you die. Who remembers who?
Such a mad rush. Running makes you mad,
You run to a psychiatrist. She is running too,
she wishes she could be you!

The world is running in different directions
hahaha, to end at the same spot!
But running can't stop, it's the elixir of life.
You stop running and you die alive!

1 comment:

Saroja said...

So true... runnng ang running blindly after nothing. Life seems to be a mirage and it just tires one.