Thursday, July 06, 2006

Demanding Honey.

Can you not love me the way i want?
I don't want flowers or chocolates,
I don't want money or clothes,
Can you listen to me?

"I am listening, honey, tell me."
Can we be always together, far away in the woods
where no one can intrude?
"Yeah, sure Honey, always."
Honey smiles.

Do you see my new painting, this is how
I felt when we met for the first time!
"Yeah, it's too blue, could have been a little red or something,
But its nice"
You held my hand and I felt..
"I need to go honey. It's nice."
"There's work, we need money".
Yes love, money. When do we meet?
"When there's no work".
When will there be no work?
"When there's money."

And we? "What honey?"
"Oh Honey!"
We need money, there's Honey now,
Then no money. There's money now,
Then no Honey.
Honey, money, money, honey
"I still love you, Honey"
I love you too.


Raghu said...

Fabulous :)

Anonymous said...

I dont claim to understand all of it...but i seem to get the gist..why do all of them (the poems) have a common tone...that of angst ? that of a madness that arises from angst ? Is that what makes you write ?