Sunday, June 18, 2006

Who's a grown up?

When I say my father beat me
"Grow up, grow up", they say.
When I say my mother has stopped loving me
"Grow up, grow up", they say.
When I say my teachers abase me
"Get over it and grow up", they say.
"Will you please not criticise me?"
"Oh, that's for your own good,
how will you improve?", they say.
"It worked with Neeta, it will work with you too!"
They throw what I have written, they jeer at my thoughts,
they laugh at my ambitions, they know what is right for me.

I cry, I whine, I fret in darkness
I sulk, I howl, I melt with sadness
I find no God, I find no love
"It happens to everyone, grow up", they say.

How does one grow when all is same,
when the mirage of light empties itself in the night?
well, which of them is grown up?
They repeat all that people have done and do.
If that's all one does on growing up,
Then bliss seems to rest with a child that causes no pain.

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