Friday, June 30, 2006

Returns please!

"Oh, you have a girl? How sad, bad returns!"
Mama says, "No, no, I'll bring her up like a boy!"
Mithi is a grown up now.
Mama shouts, "Where are the returns, where are they?"
Papa shouts, "Oh I told you,it's all a waste!
Can't cook, only eats at twenty-five!"
Mithi stares. Mithi sobs. Mithi has no returns.
But Mithi has dreams.
Papa snares,"Dreams, is it? Isn't it enough that you have ruined ours?"
Mama groans, "Go away, Mithi, we don't want you! such a burden!
Won't marry,Won't die,Won't leave this place!"
Mithi looks to God. God laughs, "That's how it is meant to be!
Just do your duty, don't expect returns!"
Mithi is all alone. "Can't I die?" She wonders.
Can't dream, can't think, held up for feeling!
"oh, it suffocates!" she yells.
Papa yells, mama yells, Mithi yells.
They all yell..aaaaahhhhhhhhh
But who's listening?

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