Saturday, November 05, 2005

I then saw lalitha chithi and ran to her. Mani mama shouted and said, "Now you have touched her and you are going to pollute the whole house. Don't you know she is out-of-doors?" "No, how was i supposed to know?", I thought. "You have to sleep next to her today!" he said. I just didn't understand why my aunts were treated like untouchables on some days.

I knew what happened on those days, my aunts would go secretly into a room and quickly slip a cloth between their feet and cover it with their panties. I had witnessed it when I was around five. That day, they sneaked into a room and called mt to look for ammama. I looked for her and took my ammama to them. They they asked me to stay out. And because they asked me to stay out, I had to know what was happening. I saw my ammama help them do it. I later asked her the reason for placing the cloth like that. She said, "Oh that, you will have to do it when you grow up!" "But why not now? I want to do it now!" I said. Then she consoled me by saying "Kozhandai, later."

But that was still on my mind, so I took two ribbons, one red one and another a blue one, so that they seem as big as the actual cloth. And I wondered how I would do it. Those days I had waist-band, which was tied to ward off all evil. I put that to use. I put the ribbons through my front and took it till my back and through the waist-band again. The ribbons were hanging from both sides, so i took the edges and tied them tightly in the middle. Then I put my panty on it. It was extremely uncomfortable. The ribbons were irritating the skin on my posterior. My urethra was itching. I was slightly disgusted with the whole thing, but I was happy that I got it right, so I had to exhibit it. I ran to my grandma, those days I used to run around in my under clothes as I was small and insisted that she look at my panty. She did, but she didn't say a thing. So I realised that she hadn't seen it. I therefore, removed my panty and turned around and showed her the whole thing, and I said, "I did it on my own!" My grandma, aghast said, "Ayyo, what have you done? Take it off." Then she spent around an hour convincing me to take it off. I listened to her only after I exhibited my prowess to every single person in the house!