Thursday, September 08, 2005

This is not a part of the story.

Memories are strangers sometimes. Each day brings with it new feelings and memories keep distancing themselves. But they are there. Then you wonder how you ever felt that? Is it the same thing or the same person that you are seeing now? They all seem so different, they are strangers. Memories create strangers. They refuse to acknowledge that change is constant. They linger in the past. They hold you back, they never let you change. They have such a strong hold on you that they throttle you and sometimes you die. You may be alive but you are still dead. You are not living anymore. It is memories that live.

Look at your hands. Aren't they different? Your eyes may agree but memories don't. They will tell you that your hands now are as beautiful as the hands with which you were born. But they are the same hands. When did they change? You don't have an answer to that so you trust your memory. That seems to be the most reliable friend. Because everything is not always beautiful but you want to see only beautiful things, so you trust memory.

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