Thursday, August 11, 2005

This is a digression from the story.

There are some thoughts that keep haunting me, certain injustices that haunt me. I can't tolerate injustice and unprofessionalism. I know it is too much to expect from everyone, but these thoughts weigh me down and so I write. They torture me and I can concentrate on nothing...

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Abhi said...

Hi Megha..I read the first post..Sounds interesting..I'm sure that there's a lot more reading in there..and it brings out some realities, which i've only heard of, or probably only seen in films.

I'll make a point that I "deep scan" the entire blogspace as time permits.. But trust me..I am looking forward to find some more time for this space u've created. (no kidding!)..

Oh yes..and if u dont remember me...then I am one of the CET students who is not comfortable calling u Megha...but prefers to call u Ma'm!