Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A school picnic was announced to Borivali National Park. I was really excited as our teacher told us that picnic meant fun and frolic. I had never been on picnics before. When I was in the 1st standard I was considered too small to go on picnics so I was not allowed to go. But now I was in the second, so I had hopes of joining my class. I ran home excited and made the announcement. My grandpa asked me why I wanted to go. I stared, the reason was obvious I wanted to enjoy. I just couldn't reply, then he said I was too small to go with a large crowd! He said he would take me there. I protested. I wanted to go with the class and I started crying. I never spoke to my grandpa for two whole hours that day.

My fate was such that my 'T-shirt' uncle, whom I didn't like anymore had to poke his nose in all my affairs. As I have admitted that I had started disliking him, I shall call him by his name, Ramakrishnan. He was determined to put an end to my happiness, so he obviously refused to send me. He said I could go if I was staying with my parents as they couldn't take responsibility if my safety. I immediately responded, "But I am staying with you." Then I recollected that I had a mother, so I said, "alright, can you ask my mother?" To which he replied that I wasn't staying with her so she really had no say. I was heart-broken. My granparents told him to control his words, but I realised that was the truth. My grandpa came upto me and said that he would take me there. I just smiled at him, trying hard to control my tears, as I knew my tears would hurt him.

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