Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In these two years I had been to visit my 'supposed' parents a couple of times. Before that I had been to that house when my mother was living alone. I was told that my father was staying abroad. I met my paternal cousins, my father's sister, my paternal grandfather and his b-i-l. I was put in really absurd suroundings. I always cried before going there as my grandparents wouldn't come along. They used to console me saying that I would be back with them the same evening. As these events always led to the separation of my grandparents from me, I never liked these events. The brunt of this dislike was obviously borne by the people I met in the house in which my mother lived.

She was actually very sweet to me. She would give me all her attention. She was the only person I knew there so I would always hide behind her. I would see that I never answered any questions that were asked by any of those unknown people, not even my mother. I used to be quiet, almost like a robot, just sitting, eating when I was supposed to, sometimes even controlling nature's calls as I was in an unfamiliar surrounding. I just waited for the clock to strike six, so that Ramakrishnan's younger brother (my second uncle) would come to pick me up. My eyes always brightened and a smile automatically crept in. But I wasn't sure if I could smile at this uncle, Manikumar, as I didn't know if he liked me. But most definitely I knew him much more than anyone else in that house. On one such occassion when I was preparing to leave, my uncle was asked to sit and have coffee. I usually stood at the door, all set to go with my footwear on, so that my uncle wouldn't waste any minute after drinking coffee and that we could reach home early. On this particular day, my father's sister's husband asked my mom why I was behaving like this. My mom immediately replied that I was close to her parents so I was waiting to go. I smiled at her as she knew my mind. Then he told me to sit as I was anyway going to go. I nodded and continued standing. Then my paternal grandpa who was blind, asked me if i knew his name. Why would I know his name, I don't even know him. I replied in the negative. Then he asked me my grandpa's name and I promptly replied "C. Narayana Iyer." I even knew what 'C' stood for, his village name Cranganoore. Then he said that I should know his name too. I asked, "why?" He didn't have any reply.

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