Saturday, July 09, 2005

Little things make me happy, like a knowing-smile, a phone call, a touch, a sneeze from a baby, the look of a child's fingers, children's giggles, their smell, their babble. They just transfer me to an unknown, yet a known world of innocence, of freedom, of unconditional love.
Their little nose invites me to grab them and kiss it, their touch is soothing, soothes away all pain, I learn to laugh again when i am with them, their sweet pranks, their indulgence all yell to us, telling us that they have come into this world just to be loved and to love all. Taking a child's call is like talking to sounds, the very sounds that reprsent certain alphabets today. We seem to think they are babbling, but they are not. Just that we aren't good enough to make sense of their words. They think, they feel, they understand.

Then why do we as if omnescient beings,try to manouver them into our 'ways of seeing'? They see and that is all they want to see. They have a mind of their own, they dont need any tutoring. First we kill all their intellect and teach them a methodical way of seeing and then after they are grown-up, ask them to think 'out of the box', as if we do! For us thinking different means thinking in accordance with our individual belief systems, that is what we teach them too. How do we think? Do we tell them let your mind feel? Do we tell them monitor your thoughts? We tell them, Think like I do, for I know what is best for you! Why do we know best, just because we were born before them? Well, if that is the case, we are all supposedly mature beings. But our actions speak differently.

When we aren't mature enough how do we tell them what to do? It is all because we can bully them with our sizes for a while. Is that the way of bringing up children? Shouldn't we let them fly on their own and just provide them with wings, if they need? Definitely not like Icarus's wax-wings that burnt him. Let them make their own wings! Just smile with them and may be we shall grow-up then!

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