Sunday, July 31, 2005

I somehow managed to secure a 96 or 98 pc in my first standard and my mom came to congratulate me. I didn't know what that word meant or why I should be wished for getting marks. My 'T-shirt' uncled then voiced my thoughts differently. He said that in this standard i ought to have gained a cent percent and didn't deserve any appreciation. I acceded to this statement openly. "Right", I said, "why should anyone give me chocolates for getting marks?" I thoought ovr what he said and then realised that he wasn't voicing my thoughts but disparaging my efforts. But I was happy with what I got, so why should he bother? Never mind, what does cent percent mean? I had no concept of percentages yet.

Soon I had to shift my home with my grandparents and my uncles and aunts to another home. I cried because I didn't want to leave the place. Was I attached to it, I didn't know. Tears just flowed and I cried. I had to travel by train with my 'T-shirt' uncle for seeking admission into another school. I didn't want to go and i said it. I was shouted at for voicing my thoughts and was dragged along. I got admission there, into a supposedly good school. But the journey by train to that place is what i want to describe. I had travelled by train before and was really enthralled by the stalls there. They had some interesting yellow balls, red buns and cloured liquids exhibited. I asked my uncle what they were and he gave me a few names. My mouth watered and i told him I was thirsty. He said I shouldn't eat from these places. "why", I asked. "Because they aren't good", he said. "But why aren't they good"?, I asked. "Because they aren't!" That was a harsh tone, so I realised that I shouldn't ask anymore. I was really hungry later, but never asked for food, I was too scared of being shouted at.

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