Sunday, July 31, 2005

I reached this new place where I was with my grandparents. They were with our would-be neighbours. We were supposed to eat there. I wondered where my other aunts and uncles were, but didn't ask. I was just going around the house and looking at strangers when i heard my uncle tell my grandpa that I always want to eat out and that my stomach growls automatically when i go out of the house. My grandpa just responded saying that I was a small child and he should just let it be. I remembered then that the food incident had occured twice before. But didnt his mouth water when he saw eatables? Then why was he blaming me?

Never mind. I met new people there. Here too, there were lots of kids, slightly older though. I played with them for a while and was a sitting with one of the boys when he said that my uncle told him that I was intelligent and he too finds me so. "What does that mean?", I asked. "Clever", he said. "Ohh, wise?" I asked. And then we just stared and changed the topic.

This was the first time I felt humiliated. My uncle slapped me and i fell against the cupboard. It was really hard. It was my second day to school and I got off from the school bus at a stop before mine. When I realised that I started walking towards my stop. My uncle was waiting there for me. I reached there and i told him that i mistook the earlier one to be mine. He heard me and didnt say a word. I reached and I was just narrating the event to my grandparents when a huge hand just ran across my face and i fell down. I was shocked. My aunt told me that my uncle got worried when I didnt get off the bus and he slapped me because he was concerned. Really? But I returned, didn't I? Don't people mistake routes sometimes? And it was just my second day, I admitted my mistake. Who the hell was he to slap me? I didn't want anyone to be concerned about me. It is my life.

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