Saturday, April 30, 2005

can one be ever sure of love? Are there soul-mates? Is the person I am with, my soul-mate? Whenever I meet you i come up with a new set of questions, I dont know of that is for my good, but it happens. Why marry and lose out on all those people who make a difference to your life? Marriage is like a prison where you enter without any external force. But why do we all enter it? yes, nobody wants to be alone, definitely nobody wants to accept the fact that we all are alone. Therefore we get into this marital rut where you not only have to understand things yourself but also explain your way of seeing it. Then you have to stand up for your thought if s/he does not agree with it. Why do you have to prove your thoughts to anyone? They are yours and are personal, you don't disclose it because you want people to agree with you, you just do because you are habituated to disclosing your thoughts.

To top it all, you love different people at different points in time. can you marry all of them? you need them all.

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