Friday, March 25, 2005

The noose tightens around my neck.
I observed it now. It has been there for almost two decades now.
I wasn't blind then, but I just couldn't see.
I didn't see, I thought I saw.

Now the noose pulls me and takes me wherever it goes.
I resist, but the noose is really tight, it won't let go.
It going to hang me someday
Is there an escape? I cry, I moan, nobody listens.

There is nobody, they have their necks to be freed.
The noose grows tight, tighter, I pull it apart, I fight.
They have nooses around them, they suffer. Yet
they bind me. They won't listen. They don't know strangulation.

They laugh, they smile, they scream, they die. With nooses.
It kills them, but they know no other way of dying, or living.
They are born to kill, to strangulate, to tie nooses and drag
they drag me like cattle. They pretend to listen. They say they know.

But they don't feel it, feel me, feel what I feel.
They hold me back, 'cos they, they couldn't break free.
They killed everyone who did.
I am doomed to live, but i can change my death.
The ropes are thick together, but they will be tired,
I shall tire them, resist. I shall die with dignity.

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