Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Each morning I wake up and stare
At the walls, at my hands, they are still the same
the way I left them last night.
If I change, they will change.

My family is just the same
I just never saw that before. They all talk the
same tongue. Do all have pink tongues?
Some are black, I am sure. They suck my life,
And I their's. It seems If I change, so will they.

My lover has the same eyes, same voice, same touch
He is gender-aware, he won't say so. That won't change.
The same flair, same confidence, different topics.
We are parasites on each other.
He won't change, nor will I.

Molecules change, atoms change, mass changes
But the essence doesn't seem to change
Essence sucks life out of you, slow-murderer,
It kills me everyday.

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