Monday, December 06, 2004

It is me again in deep shit. Too many things are hay wire. Too many confusions. I am going to start again afresh, like it that way i guess. Rather my life likes it that way. I am quite fed up actually. Just living. Just watching, observing yet living. 'cos i can't die. Death doesn't overtake me. It doesn't like me either :) .

Thursday, October 07, 2004

It all finally ends in sweet nothings. Too many turns, all ending nowhere. Nowhere to go. Dreams seem futile. Nothing at the end of it all. Subjugation seems better. Too difficult to be independant. Too many thoughts though, mind won't stop.

Cause...Effect... does not exist, not here at least. Just sweet nothings, still there is struggle. Still hope, Still life, Still frames, all of them!

People walk, people go, people talk, people think, but who are people? who are they?

Run, run, run, run to nowhere. Run because they are, Run because you can't be still. Run to catch up. Run for your life.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

I just caught those pearls, but there are more
I caught the blue one, i thought
but has it turned red now, or yellow?
It seemed white though.

The blue one slipped, i held red tightly
It turned blue again!
Did i let red go, my favourite one?
It never told me it was slipping
I was looking at it, at least i think i was.

Red complains i never did, but i vouch for my sincerity
Just then i see red in my palm
Tears fall, unasked
I just had to look, says blue.
When twitched a mark remains, doest it pain?
yes. But memory is worse, it feels.

Scared to look if the skin is torn?
It isn't strong enough to tear, definitely not.
Just a part of it has traveled
Deep into the system, through the veins.

Blood leaks, not enough for sight to catch.