Monday, December 29, 2003

All search is a search for power.
Search never ends, not because you never find a destination, but because you find new destinations all the time. When you find what you love you look for where do you go next. when you find your lover you look for what does he have to give me? Then you question if your love is true or not. You are always intrigued by human behaviour but then when people think and act differently from the way you do you disparage them inevitably, because your way is the best way of doing things, of thinking, of acting, of feeling. The most difficult thing is to accept the diference and live with it, because you always want it your way, for no reason, just that it makes you feel good and superior. It is a feeling of power that you would barter for nothing else. You always wanted to feel powerful, even when you win your love, that is power, power that tells you that i got the man that i want and with all his love. In this case, which is slightly exceptional, like all matters of heart are, Power is not just a feeling of achievement, but that of security, which adds to your power, in the sense of being loved and having someone for you all the time, who understands why you need things to happen your way to be happy. This is what i call secure-power. The search for power and therefore, for freedom, never ends.